Fighting against Southeastern timetable changes

I am extremely concerned and frustrated over the timetable changes on local Southeastern services from December last year. 

I am concerned over the impact of these changes on local train users including commuters, patients, school children, people with mobility difficulties and weekend users. Specifically, I have expressed concern over the loss of the circular service on the Sidcup line serving Abbey Wood Station for the Elizabeth Line, the ending of off-peak services to Charing Cross on the Bexleyheath line and the reduction of services serving Albany Park.

Since the announcement of the timetable changes, I have been fighting against these changes and have met with Southeastern Managers to emphasise the impact of the changes and the lack of consultation, as well as urging an equality impact assessment to be undertaken. I have also raised my concerns over the impact of the changes with the Rail Minister in the House of Commons chamber, attended local train stations to seek train users' views on the changes and launched a survey for all train users to complete so that I can represent all local concerns and views.

Following the raising of local concerns, Southeastern have expressed their willingness to receive the feedback from my survey to take into account for a potential timetable review and change so I am encouraging all local train users to complete this survey to ensure I can represent all views and provide a greater push back to these changes.

Given that Bexley does not benefit from direct access to the Underground, rail services are the principle means of transport into and out of London, as well as for travelling to other areas in the South East. As such, it is important that our frequency and links to a range of Central London stations is preserved and I will continue to stand up for this.

You can view Louie’s summary of the Southeastern timetable changes here where you can also complete his survey or below.

You can view details of Louie's meetings with Southeastern here: September's meeting, October's meeting, November's meeting.

You can view Louie raising the issue of the timetable changes in the House of Commons here and more recently in Westminster Hall here.

Southeastern Timetable Change Survey

  • Current Southeastern Timetable Change Survey
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1. Which local train station do you use the most?
2. Which London train station do you use the most?
3. How often do you use Southeastern services?
4. When do you most often use Southeastern services?
5. What is your main reason for using Southeastern services?
Questions 1 Least 2 3 4 5 6 Most
7. Will you use the added Blackfriars service on the Sidcup line?
8. Do you use the Sidcup line for Abbey Wood Station to access the Elizabeth Line?


Frustration over first weeks of new Southeastern timetable

Louie French has expressed his frustration over the levels of service experienced during the first weeks of Southeastern’s new timetable changes, which has coincided with significant disruption from industrial action, infrastructure faults and the snow.  

Louie continues to lead the fight against Southeastern timetable changes

Louie has continued to lead the fight against Southeastern timetable changes, including in his latest meeting with rail bosses last week where he called again for urgent concessions and reversals to many of the changes being made, alongside an urgent review of the latest passenger numbers at Alba

Louie’s November meeting with Southeastern

Louie French MP for Old Bexley and Sidcup met with Southeastern's Managing Director and his team again with cross-party/other South East London MPs to discuss the Southeastern timetable changes further and to continue to make representations against the changes on the Sidcup and Bexleyheath lines

Louie’s October meeting with Southeastern

Louie French MP for Old Bexley and Sidcup and Sir David Evennett MP for Bexleyheath and Crayford met with Southeastern Managing Director and his team to express their anger at the Southeastern timetable changes.

Louie continues to fight for Bexley commuters

At Transport Questions, Louie French asked for a meeting with the Rail Minister to discuss his concerns over the Southeastern December timetable changes and the lack of consultation.

You can watch Louie's question to the Rail Minister above or read below:

Louie French MP:

Louie’s September meeting with Southeastern

Following Southeastern’s announcement of timetable changes from 11th December, Louie was the first MP to meet with Southeastern to raise his significant concern over the changes and the impact they will have on his constituents.

Southeastern Timetable Changes Survey

Louie French, local MP for Old Bexley & Sidcup, recognises that many residents will be concerned over the timetable changes on local Southeastern services from December and is seeking the views of constituents to ensure they can be represented.