Old Bexley Road Safety

The importance of road safety improvements to local residents and parents is very clear to me, and I am passionate about improving road safety, particularly around our local schools.

I remain shocked and angered over car accidents on Hurst Road which I know is a feeling shared by many constituents.

I would like to assure constituents that I am working hard to secure traffic calming measures around the Village, alongside being in discussion with Bexley Police surrounding speed monitoring options in a number of hotspots.

Prior to the major crash, I have been in active discussions with Councillors, Old Bexley Primary School and Bexley Council about traffic calming measures. After months of meetings which I undertook shortly after my election, I have secured external funding to help with this project.

I share the importance local residents and parents place on road safety improvements in this area given the use of this stretch of road by school children and elderly people accessing the Village and will continue to campaign for these improvements.